What people are saying about their visit to the Middle Fork Lodge:

Always a pleasure to meet people dedicated to help us and others enjoy a week of outdoors..

McCall Mountain Canyon Flying Seminars

"What awaits you...an impeccable log-hewn compound nestled under cottonwood trees fronting an enticing swimming pool and green lawns... "

Thanks for the wonderful soul-cleaning experience in the midst of nature's finest.

San Francisco, CA

You guys are the best, gracious, gracious! Beautiful place!

Sitka, Alaska

This has been an amazing trip out in the back country. Saw and learned so much while having a great time. Thanks for the adventure!

Ten out of Ten! You folks have much to be proud of, I will be back!

Thank you for the hospitality and more importantly the example of Idaho cuisine.

I just flew back from the Middle Fork Lodge. We had a great trip!

My second visit and it keeps getting better.

Lake Tahoe and Woodside, CA

Extraordinary kindness is felt here.

Mountain View, CA



June 09 – One of my dreams have come true. Thanks to all of you!